Spectandum sells three top didactic objects to the Robert L. Brown History of Medicine Collection

The Robert L. Brown History of Medicine Collection was established in 1972. The collection was named in 1985 for Robert L. Brown, MD, former Associate Dean of the School of Medicine, in recognition of his strong support of the Abbott Library for more than twenty-five years.


The collection includes historical materials in all areas of the health sciences, including dentistry, medicine nursing, pharmacy, & public health.


The objects that sold included 

- Female Life-size Anatomical Écorche Torso Model,Shimadzu Company, Kyoto, Japan
- 19th Century Papier-Mâché Fetal Skull
- 19th C Didactic Wooden "Baby machine" Obstetrician's model, designed and manufactured by F. Mathieu, Paris.
October 11, 2023