The history of this collection began at the Porte de Clignancourt in Paris with a Napoleon III case filled with Exotic Birds. The colorful birds piqued my imagination and became the beginning of a passion for Natural History, Ethnography, European Works of Art, Antiquities and Curiosities that has driven me on all continents, looking for fascinating and rare objects. Whether they are natural or man-made, all have an interesting story to tell.

I buy out of passion, pieces that are touching in terms of various relationships and in unusual combinations, building a true 21st Century Eclectic Cabinet of Curiosities.


So, it is finally in the spirit of the 16th century Wunderkammer that the collection, which encompasses Naturalia, Artificialia, Scientifica, Exotica and Curiositas from many cultures and periods in history finds its rationale and its roots.

Enriching Institutional collections, enabling decorators with unique or unusual objects or finding a collector’s missing treasure, is our mission. These juxtapositions enable them to nurture their natural desire to expand areas of interest and incorporate ‘new’ ideas.