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Anatomical Cross Section of a Human Head ca 1920



A wonderful anatomical model of a dissected head most probably from the Nicolas-Augier-Roux’s collection of anatomical plaster casts (1919 – 1939). The anatomical plaster casts of Nicolas-Augier-Roux where created by the Laboratory of Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris. Professor A. Nicolas and Dr. Augier performed the dissections on young subjects, mostly executed criminals. A plaster matrix was made for each anatomical layer. The plaster casts were molded and painted from nature in oils by P. Roux. The model is in very good condition, hand painted plaster on a wooden pedestal. Partly repainted. The left side of the head is visible and carved out into detail. The figure is places in a wooden box with a glass wall so it can still be seen, while being fully protected. The wooden frame is signed with ‘Collection A. Nicolas’ and dated ‘1920’. It has a hook in the back, so it can be hung up a wall.

h x w x d

36 x 30 x 17 cm