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Natural History & Taxidermy Antiques

Papier Maché Lion's Head with real teeth for Taxidermy Use.

Price 1.950 €


Papier mâché lions head, with nice colored patina in off-white, black and red. The head was used for taxidermy in the 19th century. When preparing a taxidermy specimen, while the skin dries out, the mold is prepared. Older methods of creating molds include wire frames and paper mâché. For most taxidermy projects one realizes, it involves mounting skin over an animal. The preparation for such task often was a papier mâché mold, which taxidermist also used to make small accessories, such as ears and eyes. It was often also used to fill unnatural lines and finishing touches of the taxidermy.In overall good original condition for its age.

H x W x D

37 x 21 x 24 cm