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Natural History & Taxidermy Antiques

Five 19th C. Botanical Models by Reinhold Brendel on Turned Ebonized Wood Stands.

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This collection of the series Puccinia graminis (Stem rust) was produced by the Brendel Company of Germany that had specialized in these models since the 1860s. The company brought together expert model makers and botanists to produce accurate plant models using basic materials: papier mâché, wood, plaster, and gelatine. By the end of the 19th century, these models were renowned across Europe and the Americas for their accuracy and usefulness in the classroom. The Brendel company was founded in 1866 in Breslau and was considered a noteworthy botanical model maker together with Louis Auzoux's (1797 - 1880) papier mâché models for anatomy and Leopold (1822 - 1895) and Rudolf (1857 - 1939) Blaschka's glass models of flowers and marine invertebrates. The Brendel models were characterized and appreciated especially for their large size and by the novel feature of being able to dismantle and reassemble the pieces, adding an extra dimension to the role of the model in the classroom. The models have their original stands.

H x W x D

25 to 56 cm