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Natural History & Taxidermy Antiques

Female Life-size Anatomical Ecorche Torso Model, Shimadzu Corp, Kyoto, Japan, 1934.

Price 7.950 €


This anatomical model was created by improving on paper manufacturing methods that started in about 1891. These methods resulted in models that were resistant to dry air and humidity. After obtaining a patent in 1911, Shimadzu used the process in many of its models, indicated as "Made of Shimadzu Fiber," which became a characteristic feature of Shimadzu models. The exterior of the figure showing one half of the torso flayed revealing the muscular structure of the body, the chest and abdomen consists of a removable section which is attached by metal clips to the main body, removing the plate reveals 16 internal organs which can be detached individually; the head of the figure may also be deconstructed into six individual components; the interior and exterior of the figure is painted and lacquered to further represent a human torso and its anatomical structure, in addition to the painted surface the model has approximately 300 numbered labels applied to the surface, the figure is supported on a two piece base / plinth constructed from a dark close grained wood between which is a metal fixing which allows 360° rotation around the base, 105cm high x 27cm deep x 32cm wide The main torso of the figure is made from fibrous pulp surrounding a wire and wooden armature, layers of fiber are applied to the pulp to create a substrate onto which a white ground is applied (gesso), this ground provides the base onto which arteries and veins made from wire are applied. Both the interior and exterior of the figure are lacquered: the many colors used include reds and blues (representing oxygenated or oxygen depleted areas) as well as ochres, browns and greens. Some of the organs including the heart are further detailed with wrapped wire and fine threads which show the inner mechanism. Attached to the organs are numerous ferrous metal pins, eyes, hinges and hooks which attach retaining them in place when assembled within the figure.

Price: 7.950 €
Shipping: On demand

H x W x D

101 x 32 x 41 cm