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Natural History & Taxidermy Antiques

Auzoux's Troglodytes Gorillas, Oil on Canvas, Dominique Yee, 2014.

Price 5.500 €


This painting is inspired by the life-size anatomical model of a gorilla created by Dr. Louis Auzoux in 1889. Far from referring to the gothic and melancholic aspects which fascinates some people in this type of anatomical models, Dominique Yee (b. 1960), a Flemish painter with Chinese roots, has captured the human expression of the animal in a series of 4 large acrylic paintings. The paintings are square, 120 x 120 cm, and focus on a part of the face of the gorilla. They catch the expression of the gorilla in broad, assured brushstrokes. The colours match those of the original very well without replicating them. The technique of Dominique Yee is direct and each brushstroke is final. The result is fresh and immediate. In her paintings she has accomplished something remarkable: she has managed to breathe life into a representation of one of the first Troglodytes gorillas captured.

Price: 5.500 €
Shipping: On demand

H x W x D

120 x 120 cm