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Natural History & Taxidermy Antiques

19th Century Didactic Torso Model by Jozef Steger, designed by Carl E. Bock.

Price 7.950 €


The German sculpture Franz Josef Steger (1845-1938), under the guidance of Professor Wilhelm His (1831-1904) and based on the designs of anatomist Carl Ernst Bock (1809-1874), revolutionized anatomical models in the 1880s by developing a fast and accurate method of producing plaster-cast models. This was partly based on the suggestion of Prof. His that the body parts be frozen prior to dissection and casting, a technique that prevented movement of the body parts and organs and allowed a more natural placement of the muscles, organs and bones, thus so creating a more realistic model. The Steger plaster-casts were produced from the late 1880s until the early 1930s. This specific Bust dates from the 1890s, carries a maker's label on the base and shows only small damages and no restorations. Anatomical models have been used for centuries as an adjunct to teaching anatomy, and play an important role in the history of anatomical education. Models became popular for such reasons as the public disapproval of grave robbery.

H x W x D

64 cm