Natural History & Taxidermy Antiques

African Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius), II/B , Shoulder mount-original Teeth.

Female Life-size Anatomical Ecorche Torso Model, Shimadzu Corp, Kyoto, Japan, 1934.

Papier Maché Lion's Head with real teeth for Taxidermy Use.

Three Victorian Birds of Paradise in a Vintage Case.

19th C. Taxidermy Ornithological Showcase "Paradise" by Roland Ward.

Taxidermy Composition of Exotic Birds in a large Bowed Glass Case.

Victorian Dome of 2 Taxidermy Male Pharomachrus Mocinna "Resplendent Quetzal".

19th C., United Kingdom, Victorian Dome filled with 15 Exotic Birds.

Magnificent Male Bonelli's Eagle (Hieraaetus fasciatus) (II/A-CE), Dark Phase, on Antique White Museum Stand.

Vintage Vultures Taxidermy Selection.

19th C Didactic Wooden "Babymachine" Obstetrician's model, designed and manufactured by F. Mathieu.

19th Century Didactic Torso Model by Jozef Steger, designed by Carl E. Bock.

Five 19th C. Botanical Models by Reinhold Brendel on Turned Ebonized Wood Stands.

Vintage Toucans Taxidermy Selection in Designer Display Cases.

19th Century Papier-Mâché Fetal Skull .

Auzoux's Troglodytes Gorillas, Oil on Canvas, Dominique Yee, 2014.

Roland Ward Unusual Roman Walnut Chair with Deer Feet.

19th C., Italian School, Two Anatomical Flayed Figures in plaster.