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Wild Boar Hunt in the style of Frans Snijders, Oil on Oak Panel marked by Guilliam Gabron (1609 - 1662), Antwerp.

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The style of this painting is very close to the Antwerp born painters Frans Snijders (579-1657) and Paul de Vos (1595-1678). There are numerous similarities, particularly with the work of Snijders. Snijders painted many hunting scenes, especially boar hunts. His skies are often dramatised with an ochre or dark yellow base tone. The foliage in the Snijders’ paintings are often painted with heavy strokes and represented as a dark mass.
The violence of the hunting scenes with wild boars being attacked by furious hounds is emotionally amplified by the bloodshot eyes of all the animals. Often, in Snijders paintings, one of the attackers is being staved off by the boar, protecting its younglings. In the painting a dog is flying through the air, wounded and upside down. The painting is flowing with movement and drama.

H x W x D

54 x 88 cm