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Probably Christoffel Jacobsz. van der Laemen (born in Antwerp or Brussels, 1606/’07 - Antwerp, c. 1621), Merry Company in an Interior, between 1630 and 1651, oil on copper, with frame: 98 x 76 cm, wit

Price 31.900 €


In the 17th century Dutch painters often depicted groups of merrymakers in an interior. The key question is whether these images were realistic representations of the entertainment of the time or whether they had a hidden meaning. Seventeenth-century (emblem)prints with captions suggest that such scenes were in fact warnings against debauched behavior. Young people in particular were made aware of the dangerous temptations of useless pastimes.
On the wall behind the partygoers we can see a nautical chart with ships. In some contexts, images of ships at sea were metaphors for love. Especially love that could know turbulent times. May we relate this to the courtship at the table?
The artist carefully constructed his composition around a horizontal image axis. The separate figures are linked with each other by their gestures. That gives unity to the scene. By keeping the interior designation simple and fairly monochrome, the accent is on the event.

H x W x D

77 x 56 cm