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Fine Art Objects of all Times & Places

Pieter Plas (Alkmaar 1810-1853), Sheepstable, Oil on Canvas.Framed, signed and dated 1849.

Price 3.980 €


Pieter Plas(1810-1853 came from a well-known Alkmaar artist family. His father and first teacher was the carriage- and landscape painter Louwerencius Plas (1776-1847). The painter himself was also a carriage painter until the age of 24. After two years in Hilversum with Willem Bodeman and with the animal painter Jan van Ravenswaay he specialized in painting landscapes with cattle. The flat North Dutch landscape was often his source of inspiration. Pieter Plas had several pupils and was director of the Drawing Company 'Kunst zij ons doel' in Alkmaar. Museums: Museum Willet-Holthuysen in Amsterdam and the Teylers Museum in Haarlem. (https://www.simonis-buunk.nl/kunstwerk/plas-p/7035/). Plas signs with a long 's' at the end of his name.

H x W x D

73 x 59 cm