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Jacques de Claeuw (1623-1694), Vanitas Still Life, Oil on Canvas, Framed. Signed & Dated 1689.

Price €5.400 €


Jacques Grief was born in Dordrecht, a small river town in northern Holland. Because of a physical deformity, he was given the nickname of “de Claeuw” meaning “the claw Having completed his training under the marine and still-life painter Abraham van Beyeren, de Claeuw worked in Dordrecht, The Hague and Leiden between 1642 and 1665, making the present painting a relatively late work. He went on to marry Maria van Goyen, daughter of the landscape painter Josef van Goyen, in 1651 and was also the brother-in-law of the interior painter Jan Steen. Popularized as an independent genre by Dutch artists of the period, still life appealed to the taste of Calvinist patrons who objected to overtly religious art. The term vanitas is applied to still life images featuring objects that represent the brevity of life or the emptiness of worldly concerns. Provenance: Collectie Van de Valk, Rijswijk (Zuid-Holland).

H x W x D

97 x 120 cm