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Circle of Hans Memling (1433-1494), John the Baptist,Oil on Panel,Framed. Unsigned & undated.

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Holy iconography of John the Baptist in hairy, brown robe over a red coat cloth that passes over his left shoulder and is held up by the right forearm to his chest. The left arm of the saint holds a book with an overlying lamb and small cross bar with cross flag. His legs bare and his face turned to the right. His right index finger points to the lamb, and develops a Rotulas between forefinger and thumb, that pulls up the firmament over his right shoulder with the inscription "ECCE AGNUS DEI QPM " (Behold the lam of God). At the lower edge an inscription in black capital letters: "FVIT HOMO MISSVS A DEO CVI NOMEN ERAT JOHANNE" (A man of God was sent, whose name was John).Verso paper label "Collectie Wagner De Wit" with inventory number "106" and "AFD:S". Thus, from the collection of Wagner-De Wit, formerly Vrijthof Museum Maastricht (891215).

H x W x D

19 x 12 cm