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Antoine Wiertz (1806-1865), Portrait Mother and Child, Oil on Canvas, Framed.

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Antoine Joseph Wiertz was a Belgian romantic painter and sculptor. Born in Dinant, he entered the Antwerp art academy in 1820. Between November 1829 and May 1832, he stayed in Paris, where he studied the old masters at the Louvre. In 1828, Wiertz came out second in the competition for the prestigious Prix de Rome which he attained on his second attempt in 1832; it enabled him to go to the French Academy at Rome, where he resided from May 1834 until February 1837. Upon his return, he established himself in Liège with his mother. The death of his mother in 1844 was a terrible blow to the artist. He left Liège in 1845 to settle in Brussels for good. During this period he painted a confrontation of Beauty and Death (Deux jeunes filles—La Belle Rosine 1847) which remains perhaps his most famous work.Wiertz was also a fine portrait painter Influenced mainly by Rubens and the late Michelangelo, Wiertz' monumental painting often moves between classical academism and lurid romanticism. Wiertz died in his studio. His remains were embalmed in accordance with Ancient Egyptian burial rites and buried in a vault in the municipal cemetery of Ixelles.

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H x W x D

130 x 94 x 5 cm