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19th C., Castelli Alessandro (1809-1902), Mountanious Landscape, Oil on Canvas. Framed, Signed AC and dated 1875.

Price 2.450 €


This 19th C. Italian painting depicts a mountainous landscape. The romantic movement that made its entrance in this century had intensified the existing interest in landscape art and more specific rural, wild and distant sceneries. The landscapes themselves became the main subject of the paintings. This canvas is a lovely example of Castelli’s landscape paintings, a category in which he was specialized. It shows a mountainous landscape displaying a magnificent nature in which the figures seem to disappear. It is thus a combination of the ideals of romanticisms with the demands of a classical composition. In the background, the mountains are high and occupy most of the space. The lake in the middle separates the two halves of the landscape.

The water has a serene look, just as the trees at the front. It gives the scene a calm and serene feeling. Two small figures can be seen at the front, but they almost melt together with the trees in the background. Castelli’s art can be seen as part of the new development of landscape painting in the 19th century which focused on a more direct approach to nature and would eventually thrive in the innovative experiences of the Impressionists.

H x W x D

64 x 55 cm