Fine Art Objects of all Times & Places

Late 17th C., Italian School, Wooden sculpture of Saint Anthony carrying the Child.

Antoon Overlaet (Antwerp 1720-Antwerp1774), Farmyard Scene, Oil on Canvas, Framed.

18th C., Flemish shool, Small Terracotta Statue in Wooden Reliquary (19th C.) with decorated doors.

Jacques de Claeuw (1623-1694), Vanitas Still Life, Oil on Canvas, Framed. Signed & Dated 1689.

Simon Floquet (1615-after 1635), Rape of the Sabines, Oil on Copper backed with Panel, Framed. Signed & Dated 1634.

Wild Boar Hunt in the style of Frans Snijders, Oil on Oak Panel marked by Guilliam Gabron (1609 - 1662), Antwerp.

Antoine Wiertz (1806-1865), Portrait Mother and Child, Oil on Canvas, Framed.

Saint Francis In Ecstasy, Oil on Oak Panel, Flemish, 17th C.

Circle of Gerard Thomas (1663-1721), The Sholar and his Student, Oil on Canvas, Framed. Unsigned & undated.

Circle of Hans Memling (1433-1494), John the Baptist,Oil on Panel,Framed. Unsigned & undated.

Frans Francken the Younger or II (1581-1642), The Prodigal Son, Grisaille and Oil on Panel, Framed. Unsigned & undated.