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Ethnographic & Tribal Masks and Sculptures

Zela People, DRC. Wooden Ancestor Couple with Scarifications.

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Exceptional Zela Couple with shiny patina. The sculptures' cap-like hairstyles are typical for the Zela, as are the ritual scarification’s on the front and back of their bodies. Apart from the mutilation of the male's genitals, the statutes are in very good condition; the mutilations were often done by the Belgian Missionaries after confiscating ritual objects. The 30,000 Zela live in the Katanga province of the DRC between the Luvua River and lake Kisale and are neighbours of the Luba. Their art is influenced by the surrounding tribes and they share comparable types of carvings, themes, uses, and functions. They depict male-female couples ,who represent the Primal Ancestors, a rare occurrence in Luba art. Compared to Luba art,their scarification patterns are placed more randomly, and the figures are generally squatter but with proportionally longish torsos.

H x W x D

45 x 13 x 12 cm,
53 x 13 x 12 cm