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Ethnographic & Tribal Masks and Sculptures

Yela Peoples, DRC. Wooden Executioner’s mask with original Raphia and Cloth refixed.

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This Executioner's mask is almost circular-shaped. Such mask belong to the Ekanga secret society and would have been kept in baskets at the heart of sanctuaries. The minimalist style and the white pigments indicate the work of a Yela artist. The adze traces and the perforations are noteworthy. The Raphia and Organic Cloth are original and refixed. The 50.000 Yela people live to the south of the Mbole in independent villages grouped in Bonanga. Each is headed by the leading member of the oldest family. They carve circular masks with oblique scarifications on the cheeks. They are worn by members of the diviners society, the Ekanga, and stored in baskets in the meeting hut. Literature: Primitivism in the 20th C - p 270. L'intelligence des Formes by W. Mestach - p 208.

H x W x D

35 cm