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Ethnographic & Tribal Masks and Sculptures

Senufo People, Ivory Coast. Standing Female Tugubele Divination Figure.

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Dolichocephalic head on top of a strong long neck, sagittal crested headdress symbolising mythological Birds (hornbills probably). With broad shoulders, strong arms, legs bent, hands to each side of the hips, protruding belly button, and pointed breasts, this 30 cm high sculptures used in divination reflect practitioners’ efforts to harness natural resources and engage spiritual intermediaries.Divination thus constitutes an important source of patronage for the region’s artists.

Divinatory spirits and sculptures created for them are often referred to as Tugubele. Many of the most distinguished diviners have belonged to the Sando, after Poro, the most important society among the Senufo. Its members are mostly women.The carving or casting of these figures symbolises the bond between the diviner and his or her helping spirit, a bond which is maintained through regular libations and sacrifices to ensure the spirit’s continued help.

H x W x D

41 x 12 x 11 cm