Ethnographic & Tribal Masks and Sculptures

Bakongo People, DRC. Wooden Mother and Child "Phemba" Statue.

Senufo People, Ivory Coast. Standing Female Tugubele Divination Figure.

Zela People, DRC. Wooden Ancestor Couple with Scarifications.

Selection of 7 Palm Leaf Cache-Sexes with Natural and Dyed Twisted Fibres. Mangbetu People, DRC.

First half 20th C., Nigeria, Yoruba People, Rare pair of very old Yoruba Ibeji Figures .

Bariba People, Benin. Rare Terracotta Ceremonial Altar Vessel.

Early 20th C., Democratic Republic of the Congo, Selection of three Bark cloth Beaters .

Dondo People, DRC, Very old Ceremonial Spoon with sculptured Head finial.

Lega People, DRC. Three rare Ivory Ceremonial Implements.

Elegant Sarinda or Short-Necked Lute. Bengal region of Northeastern India, Early 19th C

Mangbetu People, DRC. Wooden Standing Male Statue.

Yela Peoples, DRC. Wooden Executioner’s mask with original Raphia and Cloth refixed.

Ngbaka People, DRC. Wooden Initiation Face Mask with Polychrome Doted Scarifications.

Nzakara people, DRC. Wooden Initiation Face Mask.

Lovale People, Zambia. Female Mask "Mwana Pwevo".