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Vere People, Nigeria-Cameroon. Cast Brass Necklaces or Waist Beads Collection.

Price €2.950 €


Very little is known about the Vere, a small Ethnic Group, numbering about 20.000 people in Eastern Nigeria close to the Cameroon border. There's no similarity to be found with the neighbouring Tribes, the Bata and the Chamba. In my opinion they are necklaces; they are much heavier than the similar Nupe Waist beads, what would make them very uncomfortable to wear on the hips. They have respectively 39, 32 and 31 decorated and undecorated strung brass beads and one very large central bead that is cushion shaped and cast with pearled edges. Each object has the most superb wear and patina an originated at the end of the 19th-beginning 20th C. Literature: Forms of Wonderment, Berg en Dal, Grootaers & Eisenburger, 2002, p.357.

H x W x D

(left to right): 48 cm, 38 cm, 44 cm