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First half 20th C., Java Indonesia, Old Topeng Theatre Dance Mask .

Price 490 €


The mask is an example of traditional theater masks found in the cultures of Java, Indonesia. The face is carved out of wood and painted with colors that represent the status of the character. In this case, the mask is almost all white, which is a sign the mask was meant to portray a character of noble background. The stylization is almost abstract, which is another element of the cultures style. The nose and eyebrows are abnormally big and the eyes are popping out of their sockets. To emphasize the eyebrows and the mouth, they use a thick layer of black paint as highlighter. The forehead is finished of with a thin wavy red line. And between the eyebrows there is a big black dot. All the paint is original. There are some clear signs of age and the paint is slightly peeling of.

H x W x D

16 x 14 x 11 cm