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Selection of 6 Authentic Ethnic Cameroon Headdresses and Ceremonial Hats

Price 5.350 €


The Grasslands are a large cultural area in Cameroon to which several Bamileke ‘kingdoms’ belong. The ethnic group of the Bamileke who are primarily farmers, has highly hierarchized communities. The main leader in each community is the village chief, who is supported by a council of elders. He owns all the village land and decides in legal disputes. The social stratification of the Bamileke-societies is visible in everyday things such as clothing. The headgear in particular is a sign of distinction.

Hats that are adorned with pearls, cowries and feathers emphasize the prestige and wealth of the wearer.

The ceremonial hats with porcupine quills are only worn by kings and important court officials. The quills underline the sacred role of the ruler. He is believed to have special powers and qualities with which to control nature. This type of headdress began to emerge in Cameroon around the turn of the 20th century.

The Bamileke often color their elitist headdresses, also known as Ashetu, with natural dye. As a basic material for the crocheting they use hemp fibers and cotton.

H x W x D

between 12 and 46 cm in height without the stands