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Set of 3 Authentic Neckrests from Somalia and Uganda-East Africa

Price 5.985 €


Men in East Africa use headrests both as pillows and as indicators of status. This type of man's headrest is used by the Boni of northeast Kenya and southern Somalia and by Somali nomads. The patterns on Somali and Boni headrests probably reflect the Islamic influence in the region. Some scholars interpret the patterns and iconography as a “form of shorthand for prayer,” to ensure God’s protection of the sleeper. Headrests also play an important role in the nuptial ceremonies of Somali nomads.

The headrest is carved from a single piece of fine-grained wood known as Hagar in Somali, or also yucub wood. The wood is usually left in its natural color, but sometimes it is painted red or black by its owner. They may be carved by the owner or commissioned from an artist.

H x W x D

approx. 15 cm in height