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19th C. English Shool, Portrait of a Very Fine Gentleman, Oil on Canvas.

Price €740 €


This lovely portrait of a very fine young gentleman depicts the time period very well. These types of portraits were very popular during the 19th century and many artists specialized in this kind of painting. The artist clearly had a feeling for detail and subtlety. The young man is smiling ever so lightly and his gaze is soft and friendly.. The man must be quite young, because in the 19th century, most men wore their hair short and wavy, but it was almost always accompanied by various forms of facial hair including moustaches, side-burns, and full beards. English school, dominant school of painting in England throughout the second half of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th. Its establishment marked the rise of a national tradition that began with the emergence of native artists whose works were no longer provincial but rivaled continental art in quality and ended by exercising considerable influence on the course of European painting.

H x W x D

47 x 56 cm 43 x 58 cm