Wicker Picnic Hamper Complete With Ceramic Plates and Cups Terre de Feu de Choisy-le Roi.

Selection of four big jungle Nymphes (Heteropteryx dilatata) under Charles X glass dome.

A pair of old Punjabi Handcrafted Wooden Tribal Wedding Chairs.

Wooden Hat Mould Collection on Stands.

First half 20th C., USA, Wrought Iron Cross from a German Immigrant Cemetery.

Extraordinary Chimera Composition under Glass Globe.

19th C. English Shool, Portrait of a Very Fine Gentleman, Oil on Canvas.

Plaster by Madeleine Duguet (1909-1974), Study for the Statue of Antwerp Docker.

19th C., Castelli Alessandro (1809-1902), Mountanious Landscape, Oil on Canvas. Framed, Signed AC and dated 1875.

Plaster by Frans Joris (1851-1914), Study for the Statue of H. Conscience.

Roland Ward Unusual Roman Walnut Chair with Deer Feet.

Monumental early 19th C. Clock on a Polychromed pannel with hands in golden metal fixed on a tin sheet.

Pieter Plas (Alkmaar 1810-1853), Sheepstable, Oil on Canvas.Framed, signed and dated 1849.

Late 19th C. Large Mortar Carved From a Single Piece of Wood.

19th C. English Shool, Portrait of a Very Fine Lady, Oil on Canvas. Dated in the left corner 1825.

18th C. Spanish Shool, Gilded Wooden Relief Sculpture of a Virgin carrying a Child.Very nice patina.

14th C., France, Heavy Forged Iron and Hardwood Chariot Wheel.

Grassland People, Cameroon. Ritual Palm Wine Vessels Collection.

19th C., French School, Caricatures of Two Pleading Lawyers, Bronze alloy after Daumier Honoré.

19th C. woven wicker and wood Azande War Shield, DRC.

Louis Decoeur (Namur,1884-1960) , Farming Family on a Sunday Morning, Oil on Canvas. Framed and Signed.

Louis Decoeur (Namen 1884 – Namen 1960), Rue Animée, Oil on Canvas, Signed and Framed.

Very elegant Tokotoko, carved Maori Walking or Orators stick.

Selection of three 19th C. Academic Drawings, Charcoal Pencil on Paper, Framed.

19th C. woven wicker and wood Azande War Shield for a high ranking warrior. DRC.

Selection of three Aboriginal Traditional Weapons. Boomerang and two Woomeras.

Taxidermy Deer Footstool covered with authentic flower design fabric.In overall good original condition for its age.

Composition of Plaster Skull decorated with Beetles and Butterflies.

Taxidermy Pike Head Lamp.

A pair of Early Native Tribal South Oceanic Ceremonial Decorated Adze.

Shell Sculpture of Fantastic Head on Museum Stand.

18th C., Spanish Shool, Gilded Wooden Sculpture of a Pilgrim holding a Cross.

Colourful Insect Composition in Czech Mouth Blown Glass Globe.

First half 20th C., Urhubo People, Nigeria, Family Ancestor Statue with residu of Kaolin. Collection Krin Rinsema.

First half 20th C., Java Indonesia, Old Topeng Theatre Dance Mask .

First half 20th C. Massive and Robust Zela Caryatide Stool held by a Female sculpture covered with typical scarifications.

Large 19th C., Pharmacy reversed painted Display Dispensing Jar.

Françoise Rival, Statue of a Standing Naked Woman in Plaster.

19th C., Italian School, Two Anatomical Flayed Figures in plaster.

Marc Le Rest ( 1970 - ), Samurai Tomoe, Oil on Canvas, Framed, Signed and Dated 2019.

Early 20th C., Antique Wooden Rocking Horse.

19th C., Italian Original wooden Prosthetic Leg.

Charming Tin Female Cartoon Model with moving Head.

Butcher's Exterior Shop Sign of a Steer Head.

Standing Human Skeleton Sculptured in Wood. South East Asia beginning of the 20th C.

Belgian Kongo. High Quality Forged Tribal Knives Collection .

Mbole People, DRC. Chief Scepters Collection made of Palmtree Leaf Midribs.

Lega People, DRC. Ceremonial Headdresses Collection.

Vere People, Nigeria-Cameroon. Cast Brass Necklaces or Waist Beads Collection.